Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: Why can't I get a loan?

A: We can give you a specific reason if you call us.

Q: I want to borrow my entire paycheck, can I do that?

A: If your paycheck is $500 or less, then yes. Otherwise, no.

Q: I don't need my loan anymore, I found money somewhere else.

A: You can cancel with no questions asked for the first 48 hours.

Q: I paid back my loan, can I borrow immediately?

A: No, you have to wait 1 day after paying; or 45 days after getting 5 loans within a 180 day period; and 90 days if you went on a payment plan.

Q: How do I reloan?

A: As long as you have waited for the cooling off period you can borrow again by submitting a new screencap showing the last 31 days of banking including payroll deposits.